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Heather HookWelcome to Heather Hook, representing the Kenny Family Foundation of Delaware.
Amy WallsWelcome to Discover Bank located in Greenwood DE.

Poverty in Delaware
This overview was prepared by the University of Delaware Center for Community Research and Service as background for the DGA panel discussion on this subject.  It is a valuable resource for members who are working on strategies to reduce the impact of poverty and provide ways to move beyond it.

Poverty om Delaware Overview

Philanthropy in The First State
This report, commissioned by the Delaware Philanthropy Forum in 2009, provides valuable information about the state of the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors in the state.


Welcome to Delaware Grantmakers!

Delaware Grantmakers was created to strengthen philanthropy in Delaware by providing information, education, networking and collaboration opportunities.  Membership is open to individuals, foundations, and corporations who make philanthropic contributions in Delaware.  (We are happy to answer questions from grant-seekers but at this time membership is not open to nonprofit agencies seeking funding).

Please use our website to share information, collaborate, exchange and grow – that's why we're here and we hope you are too. Engage and explore anytime, from anywhere there's a web connection.

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Our Mission:  

The Delaware Grantmakers Association advances the growth of effective philanthropy that promotes improved quality of life in Delaware through education, networking, and collaboration.


President and Chief Executive Officer

Delaware Grantmakers Association

The Delaware Grantmakers Association (DGA) was created in 2010 to strengthen

philanthropy in Delaware by providing information, education, networking and collaboration opportunities. Membership is open to individuals, foundations, and corporations who make significant philanthropic contributions in Delaware. DGA is governed by a Board of 11members representing businesses and foundations and currently serves forty members who contribute approximately $60 Million annually in Delaware.

DGA is the state’s only forum for sharing information and promoting cooperation

among Delaware’s major grantmakers. The President and Chief Executive Officer must be skilled at and committed to helping funders strengthen increase their impact and effectiveness. The President and Chief Executive Officer will continue DGA’s role as a resource for networking, news about community needs, and information on best practices in philanthropy, and will focus on transformational change by building durable collaborations among public and private funders within and outside of Delaware that benefit the state’s citizens.

The President and Chief Executive Officer, who reports to the Board, will be

responsible for the overall operation of the organization as well as attracting and retaining new members and increasing resources. S/he will be able to foster close peer relationships with other community-focused organizations. In order to be the voice of the organized philanthropy the President and Chief Executive Officer must demonstrate an understanding of important Delaware issues and challenges and must be able to educate the board and members on trends of philanthropy nationally. S/he must be successful at building a highly competent staff and developing and coordinating opportunities for members to work effectively together, sharing knowledge and increasing the impact of the network. We seek a proven leader whose demonstrates passion for the work of DGA and understanding of the philanthropic sector.

Proven senior leadership experience in a non-profit or grantmaking organization is

preferable, although not required; however, an understanding of the philanthropic model is expected. Leading, educating, and influencing a dedicated, committed Board and community are needed skills as well.

To apply,please send a cover letter and resume to 

Nonprofit Collaborations and Mergers

On April 27th Peter Kramer of the Nonprofit Finance Fund  met with seventeen DGA members and presented the findings from the Boston Catalyst Project, an effort funded by The Boston Foundation and four other local and national foundations to support nonprofit agencies which wanted to explore greater collaboration and possible merger with other nonprofits.  A formal report on the project is due out in June, 2016 but Peter's slides provide much of the information that will be in the final report.  The slides can be accessed at Nonprofit Collaborations and Mergers.


Grant from Discover Bank

The Delaware Grantmakers Association has received a generous grant from Discover Bank to advance our work in support of the Delaware nonprofit sector.  The grant specifically underwrites DGA's participation, along with the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, Delaware Community Foundation, United Way of Delaware, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals, in "Making Delaware Great," a state wide series of discussions following up on the work begun at this year's Good to Great workshop.  The grant also provides initial funding for the development of an information resource to allow nonprofit agencies and funders to easily find out who is doing what work, where, in the state.  

 We are very grateful to Amy Walls and her colleagues at Discover for this far-sighted grant.



Sharing Data to Strengthen Philanthropy

The Delaware Grantmakers Association has joined with The Foundation Center and the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers to participate in Get on the Map. By sharing information about their grant making DGA members will gain access to up-to-date, accurate information about who is funding what in Delaware, displayed in an online mapping format that allows participants to see who is funding what, where and, of course, what programs or areas are not being funded.  The more members that participate, the more valuable the data will be.  To find out more, click on the Get on the Map tab in the menu at left.   

 Addiction in Delaware

On October 7 DGA Health Funders, led by Chris Cannon of Arsht Cannon Fund and Patty Hoffman of Laffey McHugh, presented a disturbing and very important discussion of the addiction epidemic in our state.  Rita Landgraf, Secretary of HSS, Joan Chatterton of Aquila, and Jeanne Keister, co-founder of AtTAcK Addiction, described the extent of the problem, the impact of the disease on families, and how it can be prevented and treated.  We heard from many members who were interested but unable to attend so we are glad to provide a link to Secretary Landgraf's slides, below.  This is not the whole story, but it will give some valuable background information.


The Addiction Epidemic in Delaware





 Sussex in Wilmington

Fifteen DGA member organizations and guests were represented at the first DGA program focused on increasing awareness and understanding of the challenges and opportunities the county offers.  DCF Vice President and DANA board chair Bill Allan led off with a data-filled overview of the county, highlighting the differences its the major communities.  This was followed by presentations from five nonprofit organizations representing different mission areas:  Education, Poverty Relief, Housing, Senior Services, and Community Building.  Mike Rawl graciously coordinated the presentation and prepared the very informative slides.  They can by downloaded by clicking the link below:

Sussex in Wilmington Slides



Capital Campaign Challenge

In June a dozen DGA members met to discuss their concern that the needs of Delaware nonprofits to raise capital dollars - for new projects and reinvestment in existing facilities - greatly exceeds the state's philanthropic capacity.  A recent survey showed that just over a third of DGA members' guidelines permit capital grants.  As a first step in responding to this challenge members were asked to report the current campaigns of which they were aware.  The updated report can be found by clicking here:  

Campaigns in Process October 2015.

We recognize that this is not a complete listing and therefore we are asking our members, and members of the nonprofit sector, to expand the information by completing a data form on our site by following this link:  

Campaign Information Form.

In the months ahead we will be working with our partners to increase awareness of the capital needs gap that we believe lies ahead and identify steps we can take to prevent impacting the services on which Delawareans depend from the nonprofit sector.



What we've been doing:


 Talking about Housing and College Readiness

On May 18, 2015 DGA CRA officers and others interested in affordable housing requirements were hosted by Beryl Barmore of M&T and Renee Roberts of TD Bank to hear a presentation from Anas Ben Addi, director of the Delaware State Housing Authority. 

On May 14 April Birmingham of Bank of America and Leslie Kosek of Capital One welcomed Shana Payne, Director of the Higher Education Office in the Delaware Department of Education.  Ms. Payne described extensive efforts to ensure that all qualified Delaware high school seniors prepare and apply for college admission.




Grantmakers Report on Delaware Independent Sector



WILMINGTON, Delaware – Even after being battered by the Great Recession, Delaware’s philanthropic sector remains a vibrant and vital part of the state’s economy, driving the expenditure of billions of dollars and providing 14% of the jobs in the state.

But the health of the sector is at risk. Both institutional and individual giving have declined since the Recession began and more nonprofits than ever find themselves operating in the red. Care must be taken to nurture the sector if Delaware is to continue to enjoy its benefits for years to come.

These are among the findings of a recent study of Delaware’s philanthropic sector sponsored by members of the Delaware Grantmakers Association, a coalition of foundations and corporate funding programs that work to support Delaware.

The study, Delaware's Philanthropic Sector: A Post-Recession Assessment, is a companion report to Philanthropy in the First State, released in 2009. Both studies examine the nonprofit organizations active in Delaware and the individual giving and organized philanthropy that support them.

In 2010, the most recent year for which comprehensive data are available, the philanthropic sector posted some robust statistics:

Delaware’s primary grantmakers invested $75 million in Delaware nonprofits;

Individuals in Delaware gave more than $467 million in charitable gifts;

Nonprofits in Delaware generated $5.3 billion in revenues and provided more than 60,000 jobs – equivalent to 14% of all civilian, non-farm jobs in the state.

Yet both grantmaker and individual giving are down from their pre-Recession levels, with individual giving off by 12%. In the face of this decline, coupled with cuts in government support and increasing demand for services, 48% of Delaware nonprofits found themselves operating in the red -- spending more than they received -- in 2010.

In order to return the philanthropic sector to its pre-Recession health, Delaware needs to stimulate giving by individuals and grantmakers, and work strategically to ensure that Delaware’s nonprofits have the capacity necessary to meet both the community’s needs and expectations. All sectors -- philanthropy, the business sector and the public sector, must join in this effort.

Copies of the report are available by following the link at left.

The Delaware Grantmakers Association works to strengthen philanthropy in Delaware through public education and advocacy and to grow the number of institutional donors supporting Delaware nonprofits.


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